Matching jewelry with your loved one

Put the umbellata motif jewelry close to your heart.  A name or personal message can be engraved on the reverse to immortalise a precious moment together. The personalized talisman will also be a lost dog tag to keep your loved one safe.

Story of Cotty Mitty

After Liz and Henna have gone to the rainbow bridge, I saved a box filled with their collars, leashes, and blankets. But, It was truly painful whenever I saw a box even every moment with them are cherished. One day, I realized I wish there is the sentimental matching pendant that celebrate countless memories together for eternity.  Modern design that can be wear alone or together for a perfect matching jewelry!  That was how Cotty Mitty was conceived.  Cotty Mitty's love for dogs reflect for all animals. We will donate part of the sales to animal protection organizations.


Made in Japan Quality

Cotty Mitty is committed to promoting and creating made in Japan quality.  The creation of Cotty Mitty's finest jewelry is established by Japanese craftsmanship at the atelier in Japan. We also accept maintenance after purchase. Please feel free to contact us. (There may be a charge depending on the maintenance content)